Made in Finland since 1976

Perfecting the craft
of boat-making

The Original Offshore Motorboat

Seaworthy by design. Luxurious in detail. Targa is the pinnacle of offshore boating –
renowned for its unparalleled quality and handling.
Forty years after its launch, Targa continues to inspire boat lovers everywhere to dream of open waters and memorable voyages.


Targa crafts perform at a consistently high level as a result of our extensive boating experience and the dedication shown by our team of highly-qualified professionals. The close relationship to dealers and end-customers is essential for continuous quality improvements. Though the climates and conditions in which Targa boats are driven may vary, the quality of their craftsmanship is always the same.

One Targa can handle Seven Seas

Built to withstand howling winds and stormy seas, Targa boats have earned the admiration of motor boat lovers worldwide. Whether you are taking a day trip to a sheltered cove in the Mediterranean or embarking on a perilous journey along the coast of Greenland, Targa takes you to your destination in unmatched safety and comfort. Today the entire Targa fleet is manufactured at Botnia Marin’s own boat yards in Western Finland. Every work stage – from lamination, carpentry and technical planning to equipment installation and testing – is done in-house with exacting attention to quality and detail.

Family Business

Founded in 1976 by Johan Carpelan and his wife Brit-Marie, Botnia Marin has more than 200 expert boat builders in its crew. The company is family-owned and the second generation of Carpelans is on board the family business. Extensive boating experience and dedicated professionals ensure that the entire Targa range measures up to the most demanding performance requirements. We also value the input provided by our customers and dealers. Their insight helps us build even better boats. Though sea and weather are always restless, the craftsmanship behind Targa boats never wavers.

The finest materials

The best components

Made in Finland since 1976
ISO 9001

Targas are made by hand in the coastal towns of Malax and Nykarleby, Western Finland. The craftsmanship displayed by our professionals is clearly reflected in each completed Targa boat. The builders work closely together during the building phase to ensure the highest possible quality. At Targa, we bring a vast wealth of experience and knowledge to guarantee the best possible results.

Targa boats are built with precision and care at our boatyards in Western Finland, where modern production technologies complement traditional boat building methods. More than 200 highly qualified professionals design and manufacture boats that perform at the highest possible standard. Their expertise pays tribute to Finland’s unique maritime tradition and place the entire Targa fleet in a class of its own.

To be able to ensure the high quality that Targas are renowned for, Botnia Marin is having two "full-service" production sites. Botnia Marin is a traditional boat-yard in the sense that almost everything in being done in-house – in contrary to many yards of today who mostly are working as assembly factories. Botnia Marin is very proud about the fact that we have competence in all the boat-building phases – right from the lamination start until the finishing touches are laid on the boat before delivery.

Botnia Marin is also unique in that almost everything is done in-house. Not only do we cover every stage in the boat building process, we always take into account the customers’ wishes in the design and manufacture of their Targa. You get exactly what you want – a boat that meets and exceeds your expectations in every way.

“Targa is very far away from an off-the shelf product. We provide our customers with a fully personalized boat. You choose color, upholstery, navigation system, pantry equipment, fittings, and so on. We then build it.” Robert Carpelan, CEO.